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 1.  View my AVON Catalog online or call  me today as your AVON Representative I want to help.  AVON sells cosmetics and Beauty Products  AVON Products are the best.

2. Ladies that want to pamper themselves,  view my other product lines. King of AVON also is there representative

AVON Products

Whiting your teeth with our new tightener (see below)

Excited to be a part of AVON

I am your AVON Representative and I am excited to show you a 1000 different ways AVON can help you

Look, & Feel good about yourself. 

Push the AVON Button and see my AVON Catalog. Amaze yourself.  Note: I get credit for anything you buy online.

A new teeth whitner just for you

I was just introduced to a new 

magic whiting toothpaste and I'm totally in lovel.!!!! It seriously is magic!!  Totally a game changer!!!  

Everyone needs this toothpaste....

No bleach or harsh chemicals.

No Sugar.

Not Damageing to Enamel.

Gluten free.

  • Gentle on Sensitive teeth.
  • Safe for Children & Pregnancy.
  • Amazing 4 Wine, Coffee, Nicotine Stains
  • Removes Stains from crowns and Veneers.

Send me a priviate message to order some for yourself or to get some more information.

This stuff is the real deal!

Other Product Lines I have:

King of Avon Bath Bombs

Relax and enjoy the Bath Bombs in your bath.   You will feel like your in heaven.

King of Avon Country Scent Candles

While taking that bath enjoy the fragrance you select.  It will help you feel the moment.  I know you can find a good selection here.

Luxury Fashions Boutique:

Men, Women, Plus Sizes, Children's, Juniors, & Maternity Fashions.

Fashion Makeup & Accessories.

Home Decor &  Skincare.

Work From home Opportunity.

About me

I love selling AVON Products

I have been in business for 7 years. 

I have had my mobile van for 3 years.

I have many of the AVON Products on hand. 

See my events calendar for locations where I set up a booth during the week. These could be events or places you plan to attend.

Note: Each AVON Representative runs his or her business and is not employed by AVON.  I am the boss of my own company.

Order today, you won't be sorry.

Any question call me I would love to hear from you.

Providing a great experience

Services I have for you.

I am a AVON Representative for Arvada and Colorado

I am King of AVON Bath Bombs Representative for Arvada and CO.

I carry many items in my Mobile Van.

I will deliver a AVON catalog on request.

I can make a gift basket for you.  A basket for that favorite someone.

I can set up an AVON Booth for the following events. 

    Family get together

    Girls night out 

    Garage and Yard Sales to help you draw customers.

    Festivals, Bazar,  and other events


Have AVON Party at your house

Enjoy yourself

It could be a great time to see your friends and family.  You have heard of cosmetics parties well this is the same thing, but of course I supply a reasonable amount of wine.

I show my AVON Beauty and skin care products. 


The cost would depend on how much I sell.  Most of the time it is a win, win situation.  

I love what I do

Call me and we will discuss the options and the schedule.

Hope we can work together

Join my AVON Team

Say, Yes and be on my team

 Want to work from home?  How would an extra income every month benefit you and your family?
You can also earn trips to great vacation destinations

  • Design create and print business tools for free
  • Enjoy education benefits & tuition discounts to keep your career moving
  • Access highly rated health, dental and vision insurance plans
  • Receive discounts on voice, data and WiFi service for all your digital devices

Work your own hours.

Here's your chance with AVON.  Work the days and times you want.

Learn More

Make your dreams come true today.

King of AVON AVON Products in Denver, Cosmetics & Beauty Products in Denver

Call Kelli at 720-363-2392 and she will schedule when she can get together.

Your best AVON Representative

Contact me for any questions

Drop me a line, I would love to hear from you.

To have your AVON Products delivered direct, hit the AVON Button Below

I love my customers, so feel free to have me drop by with my mobile truck.

I carry alot of AVON items on the truck.

I accept most major credit cards and you can use Pay Pal ref: Kingofavonkelli@gmaIl.com

King of AVON

(720) 363-2392


Monday - Saturday By appointment

Sunday: Closed

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